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Who should the temporary moderators be?


As we have set up communities here on the Codidact network we've been appointing temporary moderators. Ultimately, of course, we want each community to choose its own moderators; we've been doing this as a stopgap, while communities are forming, so Codidact staff don't have to handle all the flags (some of which we might not understand because y'all are the experts, not us).

Rather than us just picking people, we'd like your input: who should these initial moderators be? I say "initial" -- the community should plan to do something more formal and permanent later, when it's larger, but in the meantime, we need a couple of people who are able to lead this community's early activity and take care of housekeeping.

What do moderators do? Aside from the community-leadership aspect already mentioned, on Codidact they:

  • handle flags (soon you'll be able to get some help with that, when abilities roll out, but mostly it'll be mods for a while)

  • have all the tools -- close/reopen, delete/undelete, locks, user warnings/suspensions when needed (rare we hope), and more

  • create and edit help topics, so you have a place to put policies, guidance, etc

  • act as representatives of the community when requesting features from the Codidact team. There are some things, like creating new categories or changing configurable site settings, that require admin access. Mods are the people we want those requests to come from. (If it's something big, we'll ask you to show us community consensus, for example a well-received meta post.)

Moderators do not have access to users' PII. (I don't even have access to users' PII. We try to keep that locked down for everyone's safety.)

Please use answers here for nominations. You can nominate yourself or others -- one candidate per post. If someone nominates you, please edit or comment to indicate whether you'd accept the nomination, and feel free to add anything else about you that the community should know. We'd like to have at least two moderators; a moderator should always have a peer to check with on tricky matters or to defer to where there's conflict of interest.

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