Welcome to Mathematics!


Welcome to the Codidact site for Mathematics! We're glad you're here and we're excited to see what you will build. This community is starting "from scratch", without importing Q&A from other sites, so your community can set its own direction.1 Please ask questions about maths in the Q&A category and use this Meta category to discuss site policies, scope, customizations, and other matters. You can report bugs and ask for support here, too.

Some initial scope discussion happened in the community proposal on Codidact Meta; please use this meta category to continue and refine those discussions.

If you already have an account on another Codidact site, click "sign in" and use the same email address and password -- you're already in the system and don't need to create a new account. If you're new to Codidact, click "sign up" to create an account for yourself.

This site is running on beta software that will eventually become Codidact. We started with a Q&A platform that already existed, and over the coming weeks, we will be evolving this software toward the feature set we've identified for the first official release of Codidact. This means some things will change (mostly things will be added), but the core -- a community built around people working together to ask and answer questions -- will not change. You can read more about the vision for the platform and the features for the first release.

If you see something that needs attention, please flag it. If you run into problems or have questions, post here on meta. Reputation will eventually be replaced by more specific stats (like how many answers you've posted and roughly their total score), and a system of trust levels will grant privileges based on your activity on the site.

We don't have on-site chat yet, but there is a Discord server for Codidact communities. Pop into the "access-management" channel and check off the communities you want to see chat rooms for. (This is so you don't have to wade through rooms for sites you're not interested in every time you visit.)

Welcome aboard!

  1. If you decide later that you would like to import any specific Q&A from SE, we can help you with that.

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